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The North American & European tour 1979

The tour

PreparationsThe Concerts

Original ideas for a world tour 1979 included Western Europe, North America, the Far East and also Eastern Europe. Because they needed more time for the Voulez-Vous album these plans were condensed and Eastern Europe and most of the Far East were dropped. From the Far East only the Japan tour 1980 remained. The planned venues still looked different to the actual tour in the spring of 1979:

quoteMiddle of May Stig Anderson will go over to Los Angeles and New York to discuss the up-coming tour, the opening of the movie in the US and the release of the LP in the US and Canada. All efforts will be put together to really make this ABBA’s year in the US!! [...]
It is now decided that ABBA will open their American, Canadian and European tour in Vancouver, Canada on September 15th. They will play the following cities in the US and Canada: Vancouver - Seattle - Portland - San Francisco - Fresno - Los Angeles - Salt Lake City - Denver - Kansas City - Minneapolis - Milwaukee - Chicago - Cleveland - Washington DC - New York - Boston - Toronto - Montreal. The dates and places will be definitely confirmed during Stig’s visit to the US. ABBA will continue their tour in Europe at the following places:
October: 19 Gothenburg, 20 Stockholm, 27 Copenhagen, 23 Paris, 24 Rotterdam, 25 Dortmund, 27 Munich,
28 Zurich, 29 Vienna, 30 Stuttgart – November: 1 Bremen, 2 Frankfurt, 3 Brussels, 5 London, 6 London, 7 London,
11 Stafford, 12 Stafford, 13 Glasgow, 14 Dublin
Polar press release of May 9, 1979)

For their route through the USA their record sales were analysed and they finally sticked with their “heartlands”.

The stage design by Rune Söderqvist was built in London. Three big trucks transported the 40-50 tons of the stage design and the equipment. ABBA usually travelled by private jet, Agnetha travelled by limousine or with the band in the bus whenever the distance between two cities was close enough.

The 45 concerts of the 1979 tour had a total audience of around 300,000. However, some concerts in the USA weren’t sold out and though the audience reportedly was enthusiastic throughout they also received some bad reviews by US journalists. In the end they lost $ 200,000 with the North American concerts and couldn’t push their record sales as much as they hoped for. (ABBA in America / Bright Lights, Dark Shadows)

According to Stig Anderson the top price for US tickets was $US 9.50 because “We draw a lot of families with kids”
(Billboard, September 29, 1979, p. 3).

quoteI hadn’t reached this level of maturity when we began the USA tour of 1979 [...]. It was momentous and successful, but for me it was awful. Björn and I had separated and I had torn myself away from the children. I just wanted to be home, home, home.
But I had no choice. Björn and I were agreed about doing this tour together, despite the divorce, so we had to form a new relationship with each other and work together in a new way. It was an unfamiliar situation for all four of us – an ordeal by fire. I had no one to talk to. So I mourned alone. The whole time I ached inside for the children and from home sickness.
Agnetha in As I Am, p. 85


Rehearsals with musicians and backup singers started on May 13, 1979 at the Grünewaldsalen at Stockholm’s Konserthuset and two preparation concerts were done in May already. From July 30 on rehearsals continued at Europafilm in Bromma.

quoteIn preparation for the 1979 tour, a number of rough mixes of songs, from the original multitrack tapes, were prepared, with instrumental backing turned down and backing vocal performances more upfront. This was to highlight the vocal harmony arrangements, so that it would be easier for the backing vocalists to study and learn their parts. [...] Interestingly, ’Honey, Honey, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do’, ‘My Love, My Life’, ‘One Man, One Woman’, ‘The King Has Lost His Crown and ‘Lovers (Live A Little Longer)’ were considered for inclusion in the set list at this stage. [July 1979] As far as can be ascertained only three of these titles made it into the rehearsals.
The Complete Recording Sessions (2017), p. 336

Plans also were to include a completely new song

quoteAt one point, the song [Rubber Ball Man] also featured in the rehearsals for the upcoming tour under the new title ‘Under My Sun’, with what seems like another set of demo lyrics – about someone who’s a “true star under my sun” – and an informal recording was made of it during rehearsals at Europa Film Studios, although it’s unclear exactly when (‘Under My Sun’ has been bootlegged from this tape, but the recording does not exist in the Polar Music archives). On the rehearsal tape Björn suggests that the song should be booted off the set list, even before they start performing it: the show is already very long and he doesn’t feel that good about the song. Benny agrees but says that they might as well record it.
The Complete Recording Sessions (2017), p. 337

In May ABBA did two surprise concerts.

quoteWe tour so infrequently that we need to have a little warm up. Especially since we’re going to the United States where we’ve never been before and where we’re all a bit unsure of how the audience regards us: whether they are familiar with us or not. We really don’t know, so we need a little extra self-confidence as a stage act.
Benny in From ABBA to Mamma Mia!, p. 29
quoteWe were going out into the world and touring and wanted to test our material before a real audience. We had been working for some time in the studio and rehearsed well. But we had not played the songs live, or have met our audience. We wanted to know how the music would be received. It was both exciting and uncertain. But it must have gone well. We came in the off on our tours to the USA and Australia.
Benny according to Norrköpings Tidningar, April 25, 2016 (translated via Google)

On August 10 ABBA, the backing vocalists and the musicians made a recording of several rehearsed tracks including My Love, My Life, One Man, One Woman and The King Has Lost His Crown (The Complete Recording Sessions (2017), p. 338)

  • 1979, May 18 – Landskrona


    Landskrona, Discoland/Strandpaviljongen

    Facts & trivia

    • First surprise concert
    • Audience: approx. 900 (capacity: 1,000)
    • ABBA sneaked in after a performance by Björn Skifs and his band, around midnight
    • quoteAnd in came... not ABBA, but Lasse Wellander and Mats Ronander. [...] They performed for about 45 minutes. [...] Next guest onstage was Björn Skifs who sang one song. [...] I do remember what he said afterwards: “I have a friend of mine with me and here he is...” and in came Benny Andersson who sat down at the piano and played Elton John’s ‘Song For Guy’.  [...]
      After [that] he thanked the audience for the applause and told us that he also had some friends with him who he would like to introduce and there they were:
      Frida, Björn & Agnetha!
      Anders Olsson, ABBA Intermezzo #89, p. 22-23
    • the news about the concert was rumored during the day, a record store had displayed a note announcing the concert, ABBA were not amused about that
    • quote“I was 23 years old and saw the concert with my brother and the band I played in then”, says Assam Bop. [...] “I was on the train from Växjö with my guitar when a man named Anders Hanser came to me wondering if I was playing in bands and if he was going to interview us. When we were separated at the station, he said that ‘you have to go to Strand tonight because something very special happens there’. Well, I thought, and did not feel right now. But the interview ended and the rumor of ABBA’s play had siphoned out to some people and then we got there.”
      Landskrona Direkt (Sweden), May 15, 2013
    • soundcheck in the afternoon at around 15.00
    • after-show party at the Hotel Öresund
    • later on Discoland published an advert with a show photo to thank ABBA for their appearance

    Set list

    After Benny’s solo performance ABBA played a set of 11 songs:

    • Benny: Song For Guy
    • Chiquitita
    • If It Wasn’t For The Nights
    • Does Your Mother Know
    • The King Has Lost His Crown
    • Voulez-Vous
    • As Good As New
    • Hole In Your Soul
    • Why Did It Have To Be Me
    • Money, Money, Money
    • Knowing Me, Knowing You
    • Dancing Queen


    • No recording is known to exist.


  • 1979, May 19 – Norrköping
  • 1979, August 10 - Stockholm
  • Set list
  • Staff
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  • 1979, September 13 – Edmonton (Canada)
  • 1979, September 15 – Vancouver (Canada)
  • 1979, September 17 – Seattle (USA)
  • 1979, September 18 – Portland, OR (USA)
  • 1979, September 19 – San Francisco (USA)
  • 1979, September 21 – Los Angeles (USA)
  • 1979, September 22 – San Diego (USA)
  • 1979, September 23 – Tempe / Phoenix (USA)
  • 1979, September 24 – Las Vegas (USA)
  • 1979, September 26 – Omaha (USA)
  • 1979, September 27 – Minneapolis / St. Paul (USA)
  • 1979, September 29 – Milwaukee (USA)
  • 1979, September 30 – Chicago (USA)
  • 1979, October 2 – New York (USA)
  • 1979, October 3 – Boston (USA)
  • 1979, October 4 – Washington D.C. (USA), cancelled
  • 1979, October 6 – Montréal (Canada)
  • 1979, October 7 – Toronto (Canada)
  • 1979, October 19 – Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • 1979, October 20 – Stockholm (Sweden)
  • 1979, October 21 – Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 1979, October 23 – Paris (France)
  • 1979, October 24 – Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  • 1979, October 25 – Dortmund (Germany)
  • 1979, October 27 – Munich (Germany)
  • 1979, October 28 – Zürich (Switzerland)
  • 1979, October 29 – Vienna (Austria)
  • 1979, October 30 – Stuttgart (Germany)
  • 1979, November 1 – Bremen (Germany)
  • 1979, November 2 – Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 1979, November 3 – Brussels (Belgium)
  • 1979, November 5 – London (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 6 – London (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 7 – London (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 8 – London (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 9 – London (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 10 – London (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 11 – Stafford (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 12 – Stafford (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 13 – Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  • 1979, November 15 – Dublin (Ireland)


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