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This fan site tries to collect what is known about ABBA’s live performances: basic facts, trivia, press articles or fan reviews. An important aspect are relevant statements by the ABBA members, also information about recordings and published material. However, although one goal is to provide an overview about the fan recordings, please note that you cannot download any recordings here, this site is for information only.

Only information about collaborations of the four ABBA members as a group is included, i.e. activities as solo artists or members of other formations aren’t a topic here.

The work is constantly in progress and new content will be added all the time. Several sources still need to be checked for interesting material and will be included when time allows.

Information regarding individual concerts is listed on the page for the particular venue. More general material which covers a wider part or even the complete tour is listed on the main page of a tour.

Please note that you won’t find any information regarding the Voyage show here as I don’t regard it as ABBA live or ABBA original.

As you may notice while reading through this site some fans thankfully were very kind to support me with their memories or newspaper snippets and other information. I appreciate this help very much because such information can’t be found online. So if you can support this project in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Changelog

    Changelog – Recent site updates



    • 1973 – set list update and additonal info for Gävle



    • 1973 – Dates corrected for Viskan and Östersund


    • 1979 – Dublin concert recordings added
    • 1979 – Gothenburg concert recordings added
    • 1979 – Stockholm concert recordings added
    • 1979 – Copenhagen concert recordings added
    • 1979 – Paris concert recordings added
    • 1977 – Melbourne (March 6 evening) concert recordings added
    • In Concert – note and link added for the recent online release of the individual HD clips
    • 1970 Famagusta entry updated
    • General Youtube links added for the 1970-1977 concerts (Links & sources)



    • On air – entry added for 1980


    • 1977 – Cologne entry updated
    • 1979 – more details added about early tour plans and the technical equipment
    • 1981 – some information added
    • On air – additional entries and information
    • Releases & publications – some information was added
    • 1973 – new entry Kornsjö, Visby entry updated, the date for Kongsvinger might also be solved
    • 1974-75 – information added for Innsbruck
    • 1974-75 – possible new entries Holstbro and Nykøbing Falster (Denmark)
    • My ABBA – books and rankings updated, some personal information added
    • I included some minor clarifictions here and there regarding the ‘tasks’ of this site.
  • Questions & tasks

    Questions & tasks

    Unfinished business and missing information

    General tasks

    • information from some books and documentaries still needs to be included


    Have you been to an ABBA concert and want to share your experience?

    I would like to add some fan reports to this site. So if you have been to a concert and like the idea of sharing your memories here, please send them. Don’t forget to report anout any special incidents like changes to the usual set list, if there were any. If you also took any concert pictures which you would like to share with other fans, please send them as well.

    Just to make sure, please remember:

    • this site is not about concerts with ABBA cover or tribute bands
    • only send photos which you took yourself


    Questions regarding tours and performances

    Every piece of further information on any venue is much appreciated, regarding these topics for example:

    • the 1970 concert at Famagusta
    • years 1970/71 and 1973
    • performances in general
    • concert reviews from newspapers (I think I have saved most articles from the Swedish archive)

    Please note, that the Voyage show will not be topic on this site as I regard this neither as ABBA concert nor as live.

  • Sites used for information

    Sites used for information (in random order)

    Specific information is linked directly on the respective sub-pages of this site. Additional information and pictures (tickets for example) were picked up at numerous fan sites, forums, online auctions or other sites over the years long before this site was even considered to be created. Not all origins can be remembered or traced anymore and the original source for things often cannot be identified anyway. Please excuse, if some sources aren’t mentioned here.

    Some main sites which were used for information:

    Other sources are books and TV documentaries. However, much specific information for individual venues can only be found through extensive web research. You will find these sources on the page for the related venue. I try to check or even update the links from time to time, but I cannot garantuee their availability.

    The pictures and links used on this site are included just for basic illustration of each venue. This is a non-commercial fan site and pictures and anything else is purely used for illustration, documentation and information.

ABBA The Concerts
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