Individual live tracks & clips

Officially released material

Individual live tracks

For each track only one of the latest releases is mentioned. Some material may be available on more releases currently available.

  • En hälsning till våra parkarrangörer (A Greeting To Our Park Arrangers) – More information
    1972 single which ABBA produced to promote their 1973 folkpark tour, released on Ring Ring Deluxe
  • Live77Live 77
    Flexi-Disc containing a live medley of these (incomplete) songs, all recorded in Australia 1977, total playing time 9:39
    Fernando (3:35) | Rock Me (1:37) | Why Did It Have To Be Me (1:15) |
    Money, Money, Money (1:10) | Waterloo (1:37)
  • quoteEver since the early 20th Century, Swedish children have been going door to door during the autumn months, selling special Christmas editions of magazines. One of the most wellknown publishers employing the children for this purpose was and is Jultidningsförlaget (“The Christmas Magazine Publisher”). Instead of being paid in money, the children would get premiums: for the 1977 season, depending on how successful you were, you could earn yourself anything from a small transistor radio to a TV set. This year every one of the 60,000 children selling magazines that season also received an ABBA disc, put together by Polar Music on behalf of Jultidningsförlaget.
    In early November these young salespersons received their ABBA records: a one-sided 33½ rpm flexi disc (a 7-inch record in the shape of a thin vinyl sheet) entitled Live 77 and featuring extracts from five live recordings made during the tour of Australia. The contents of the disc, excerpted from the
    mixes prepared in September, were as follows:
    Fernando; recorded Melbourne 5 March (a little over 2 minutes of ABBA’s performance and then 1 minute and 30 seconds of the reprise sing-a-long with the audience); duration: 03:35
    Rock Me; recorded Sydney 4 March; duration: 01:39
    Why Did It Have To Be Me; recorded Sydney 3 March; duration: 01:15
    Money, Money, Money; recorded Sydney 3 March; duration: 01:10
    Waterloo; recorded Sydney 4 March; duration: 01:37
    Carl Magnus Palm – The Complete Recording Sessions (2017), p. 268/269
  • Hole In Your Soul
    recorded at Wembley, included on the Argentinian LP Por Siempre (1982)
  • I Wonder (Departure)
    probably recorded at Sydney on March 4, single B-side of The Name Of The Game, included on The Album Deluxe
  • quoteAt the mixing stage, an interesting choice was made: during the live concerts, the solo during ‘I Wonder (Departure)’ had been provided by Ulf Andersson’s soprano saxophone, but now it was replaced with a brand new keyboard solo by Benny, perhaps so as to match his solo on the already-recorded studio version.
    For some reason – perhaps because there were no tracks free on the 24-track tape and Björn, Benny and Michael were pressed for time – Benny’s new solo was recorded straight to the two-track stereo tape during mixing. In other words, the keyboard solo is not available on the multitrack tape.
    Carl Magnus Palm – The Complete Recording Sessions (2017), p. 262
  • Take A Chance On Me
    recorded at Wembley, single B-side of I Have A Dream
  • Take A Chance On Me (Alternate Mix)
    recorded at Wembley, single B-side of I Have A Dream as released in Canada and Australia,
    included on The Album Deluxe
  • quotetaken straight from the radio special was featured when the single was released there in 1980. This “radio mix” is most easily recognisable through a bit of talking from Benny and Agnetha before the song starts, plus Agnetha’s spoken “that’s all I ask of you honey” and “come on, give me a break, will ya”, none of which are in the “regular” single mix.
    Carl Magnus Palm – The Complete Recording Sessions (2017), p. 347
  • Summer Night City
    recorded at Wembley, included on the Swedish compilation Äntligan Sommar! (1983)
  • The Way Old Friends Do
    recorded at Wembley, most likely November 8, included on the Super Trouper album
  • Slipping Through My Fingers / Me And I
    recorded at Dick Cavett Meets ABBA, included on the box set Thank You For The Music

Individual live clips

  • Rapport (SVT): ABBA on tour in 1977
    TV report featuring some interviews with the audience at the doors of the Odeon and an interview with ABBA directly after the concert at Birmingham in 1977, released on The Album Deluxe
  • ABBA’s preparations 1977 at Europafilm – film compiled for the ABBAWorld exhibition in Australia
    (some scenes alse released on the DVD ABBA The Movie Limited Edition)
    ABBA On TV – information about the rehearsal clip
  • I Have A Dream (promo clip)
    made from Wembley footage of the song, included on the DVD ABBA Gold
  • I Have A Dream (extended promo clip)
    this version of the clip features an encore, included on Voulez-Vous Deluxe
  • Live In April 1981
    a sequence of Dick Cavett Meets ABBA (Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, Super Trouper, Two For The Price Of One, Slipping Through My Fingers, On And On And On), first released on the box set The Complete Studio Recordings (2005)


  • ABBA – The Pictures
    by Anders Hanser (2000) – watch it on Youtube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
  • includes many concert and backstage pictures from the Northamerican part of the 1979 tour, also several original audio statements by the ABBA members and others involved; total length approximately 45 minutes, shown at
    ABBA – The Exhibition at the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm

  • In ConversationBenny Andersson – In Conversation
    by Backstage Records
  • radio interview with Benny prior to the concert in Dublin on November 12, 1979

ABBA The Concerts
ABBA live 1970-1982