Here you can find some impressions of my personal ABBA fandom. Just some bits and pieces I would like to collect here.

I got to know ABBA in 1975/1976 especially through the German Musikladen double LP The Very Best Of ABBA. The first ABBA album I bought on my own was Arrival and I stayed a fan even when there was no sign of a revival. After 1982 my biggest ABBA luck was to find an unknown version here and there on some imported LP in the shops.

Soundwise I rely on the CD versions from the 80s and/or the Deluxe albums. My original vinyls are played to death and I don’t want to buy them again because I don’t like the handling and the noise. Therefore I switched to CDs very early. When the first remasters were released I was a fan of them for several years. Meanwhile I wonder while and returned to the mentioned versions because of their dynamics years ago.

I’m not a true collector. I don’t own hundreds of ABBA LPs and CDs or merchandise. I’ve neither been a regular reader of the old pop magazines like Bravo nor have I collected all kinds of snippets in a scrapbook, Mamma Mia! is nothing ABBA for me and I don’t own every single bit of the solo works.

To my deep disappointment I never made it to see ABBA live in concert. So this site also is an attempt to have some compensation for that...

ABBA The Concerts
ABBA live 1970-1982