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All books in English, if not stated otherwise.
Please note that most books are out of print even when not explicitely mentioned.


ABBA (German)
by Christer Borg
Bastei-Lübbe Verlag, 1978 (out of print) | paperback, 222 pages

ABBA’s biography and my very first ABBA book. Includes chapters about the tours until 1977.


ABBA. Take a chance on me. Songbook (German)
by Brian Bagnall (drawings) & Lutz-W. Wolff
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1982 (out of print) | paperback, 183 pages

The lyrics to ABBA’s songs and their German translations, with some errors though. Includes illustrations similiar to the style of The Album.


ABBA. Life can be... (German)
by Görd Kaa & Sasa Merts
X-Stars-Edition, 1984 | paperback, 112 pages
First edition, limited to 500 copies.

The most original ABBA book I know. I love its artistic approach! Back then it was so great to just get anything new about ABBA. The book is available again as print on demand.


ABBA. The Complete Recording Sessions
by Carl Magnus Palm
Century 22 Limited, Pinewood Studios, 1994 (out of print) | hardcover, 128 pages
(see republished edition 2017)

Information about all recording sessions, including some bits about live performances and releases.


As I Am. ABBA Before & Beyond
by Agnetha Fältskog with Brita Åhman
Virgin Publishing, 1997 (out of print) | hardcover, 160 pages

Agnetha telling about her career including several comments on concerts and touring.


ABBA - Eine Karriere in Bildern (German)
by Wolfgang Heilemann
Achterbahn Verlag, 2001 (out of print) | hardcover, 112 pages

Photo book.


ABBA The Book
by Jean-Marie Potiez
Aurum Press, 2003 (out of print) | paperback, 264 pages

Pictures and trivia telling the ABBA story.


ABBA. Fotografien 1974-1980 (bi-lingual German/English)
by Wolfgang Heilemann
Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, 2004 | hardcover, 512 pages (out of print)
(republished in 2011, 200 pages, smaller size – out of print)

This book by one of ABBA’s main photographers includes pictures of the tours 1974 and 1977
(German concerts) and 1979 (Edmonton and Los Angeles). Includes several alternate shots to
those used for Heilemann’s first ABBA book, Eine Karriere in Bildern.


ABBA. The Complete Guide To Their Music
by Carl Magnus Palm
Omnibus Press, 2005 (out of print) | paperback, 126 pages

Short reviews and discography for all published songs, provides some information about the released live tracks. Useful for the more basic fan or for quickly looking up some basic information.


Licht und Schatten (German)
by Carl Magnus Palm
Bosworth Edition, 2005 | paperback, 638 pages

German version of Bright Lights, Dark Shadows.


ABBA: Ihre ganze Geschichte (German)
by Frédéric Tonnon & Marisa Garau
Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, 2005 | paperback, 392 pages



Mamma Mia! How Can I Resist You? (German)
by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus & Judy Craymer
Krüger Verlag, 2006 (out of print) | hardcover, 284 pages

The book is great because it’s one of the rare opportunities to find some original statements by B&B about the original songs (those which were used in the musical). Fortunately you can get it for very low money, despite it being that large and heavy, so you can just ignore the Mamma Mia! part. The first half about ABBA is well worth it alone and features also several large pictures, (I don’t know though, if the English book with the same title features the same content.)


Wie ich bin. ABBA, davor und danach - Agnetha Fältskog erzählt
by Agnetha Fältskog & Brita Åhman
Schwedenbuch Verlag Rolf Lindner, 2006 | paperback, 144 pages

German version of As I Am.


ABBA The Scrapbook
by Jean-Marie Potiez
Plexus Publishing, 2009 | paperback, 240 pages

A colorful collection of pictures.


Der ABBA-Reiseführer nach Stockholm (German)
by Sara Russell
Premium Publishing, 2010 | paperback, 160 pages

Guide to ABBA-related places in Stockholm.


From ABBA to Mamma Mia!
by Anders Hanser (photos) & Carl Magnus Palm (text)
Premium Publishing, 2010 (2nd edition) | hardcover, 264 pages

Authorised book with many photos and statements about the 1979 tour.


ABBA in America
by Leif Schulman & Charles Hammarsten
Premium Publishing, 2010 | hardcover, 160 pages

Reworked version of the Swedish book Succée på världs-scenen (1979). It’s the only real tour book about ABBA, including many pictures and a diary with lots of details and anecdotes around the North American part of the tour 1979. An extra chapter was added with pictures of the Japan tour 1980.
Also available in Swedish.


ABBA Treasures
by Elisabeth Vicentelli
Omnibus Press, 2010 | hardcover in box, 172 pages

Features some reprinted tour memorabilia and some notes on the Sydney concerts,
apart from that not much regarding the tours.


ABBA - Ihr Leben, ihre größten Erfolge (German)
Garant Verlag, 2011 | hardcover, 64 pages

Low-priced picture book, published in several languages under different titles and covers.


ABBA w Polsce (Polish)
by Maciej Oranski
REBIS Publishing House, 2013 | paperback, 208 pages

Even if you don’t understand Polish, the many pictures about ABBA’s visit to Poland in 1976 make this book almost a must-have.


ABBA. 40 Jahre Pop-Geschichte (German)
Stern Edition 1/2014
Gruhner + Jahr, 2014 (out of print) | paperback, 116 pages


Bright Lights, Dark Shadows
by Carl Magnus Palm
Omnibus Press, 2014 | paperback, 600 pages

Main ABBA biography, updated edition


ABBA. Die ganze Geschichte in 600 Bildern (German)
by Petter Karlsson & others
Stern Verlag, 2014 | hardcover, 400 pages

Features many tour pictures and also some comments on them by the ABBA members.
German edition of The Official Photo Book.


ABBA. Backstage
by Ingmarie Halling & Carl Magnus Palm
Heel Verlag, 2014 | hardcover in box, 80 pages

Includes facsimile items and personal memories from the ABBA members. German version of ABBA The Backstage Stories. This book was published in various languages with different titles and covers.


ABBA. The Treasures
by Ingmarie Halling & Carl Magnus Palm
Carlton Books, 2014 | hardcover, 80 pages

English version of ABBA. The Backstage Stories. Republished in 2018 with the gimmicks of the original version transferred to normal book pages.


ABBA. The Complete Recording Sessions. – Revised and expanded edition
by Carl Magnus Palm
self-published, 2017 | hardcover (out of print), ebook, 448 pages

Features updated and new information about all recording sessions, including some bits about live performances and releases, additional chapters about accompanying facts and people.

Bravo Legenden

BRAVO Legenden Vol. 10
Bravo-Archiv, 2018 | DVD (data disc)

Includes scans of all ABBA-related articles, short news and posters from the German magazine Bravo and also the Mini-Bravo published between 1974 and 1986 (including the complete lifesize Starschnitt poster, also the Musik Joker Special (poster mag with 12 posters) posters & portraits
from Pop, Popfoto, Rocky, Super-Poster. Scans are in high resolution, but due to the printing
quality of the time don’t expect them to be crystal-clear

Not every article is breathtaking or even correct of course and there aren't any unknown pictures. You also can find most of the content online. It's an archive disc for those like me who weren’t a Bravo reader, aren't collecting the originals or just want to have it all in one place for quick access without spending the time and money for getting them in often bad condition.


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