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ABBA on the radio

Here I collect information about ABBA’s radio shows, interviews, greetings and such during their active years because an overview still seems to be missing.

  • dates are given as dd/mm/yyyy
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Can you help with an English transcription for the Swedish radio shows?

  • 1970-73


    • 03/10/1970 (recorded September 29, 58 minutes)
      Sweden Sveriges Radio P1 | Våra favoriter
      first radio show with all ABBA members together performing these songs:
      Barnen sover from Frida’s upcoming album Follow this link to listen
      Som ett eko from Agnetha’s upcoming album
      Hej gamle man! from Björn & Benny’s upcoming album


    • 17/11/1972
      Japan NHK | World Popular Song Festival Follow this link to listen
      A-B-B-A performed Santa Rosa at Tokyo, Budokan
      show band: Swing Beavers and Toshiyuki Miyama, Mitsuru Ono, New Music Association
      begin of the qualifying show was at 18:30 (until 21:30), the song didn't make it to the final round;
      the shows were broadcast on radio


    • 08/05/1973 (43 minutes)
      Sweden Sveriges Radio P3 | Det unga gardet: Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson Follow this link to listen
      includes these songs:
      Gabrielle & Saknar du något min kära (Hootenanny Singers)
      Be My Baby (Hep Stars)
      Lycka, Hej gamle man, Ring, Ring (swedish)
      Benny & Björn are intervied by host Bo Rehnberg Sänt
  • 1974


    • 1974 – no broadcast, rediscovered January 2015
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 1 | The Happy Sound
      ABBA Jingle Follow this link to listen
    • 05/10/1974 – Essen, Grugahalle (Germany), assumedly live broadcast
      lux_sm RTL radio | Goldener Löwe (Golden Lion award)
      ABBA performed live on stage in front of an audience, host Frank Elstner
      WDR pictures indicate that they performed Honey, Honey accompanied by backing vocalists and the James Last Orchestra
      German TV report (from pop 74?) on Youtube
    • 24/11/1974 – recorded in September
      USA American Army Reserve Radio | The Nightbird
      Alison Steele interviews Frida & Benny Follow this link to listen
  • 1976


    • date unknown (29 minutes)
      Germany NDR radio | unknown title
      Agnetha & Björn introduce ABBA songs, talking in German throughout the show (no host, no interview).
      repeated on NDR Radio 90.3 on 06/04/2014, named ABBA Special
    • Björn: Hello to all listeners. Here are Björn...
      Agnetha: ...and Anna of ABBA. We want to play some of our songs for you.
      Björn: Sorry that we don’t speak German that well, but anyway, we thought that it would be better than talking in English. Hopefully you understand what we say.
      Agnetha: We begin with Mamma Mia.
      Björn: Yes, and I must say that we are a bit surprised about its success. I think it’s our biggest success since Waterloo and SOS. So Mamma Mia.

      Agnetha: Here is Frida’s solo from the LP ABBA. We all like reggae very much and Tropical Loveland is our version of reggae.
      Björn: Anna and I spent Christmas at home, but Benny and Frida have been to the West Indies and brought many new reggae ideas back home.
      Agnetha: Here is Tropical Loveland.

      Björn: I’ve Been Waiting For You is a solo by Anna and you like to sing this ballad very much,
      don’t you?
      Agnetha: Yes, really. It was my concert solo and I was very happy that I got so much applause for it. It’s also a very good song to sing live for an audience.

      Björn: At the beginning the oppinion was that Intermezzo should have lyrics, too, but it was just before our tour and Benny and me didn’t have time to write the lyrics.
      Agnetha: And we girls didn’t have time to rehearse the lyrics either, therefore it became Benny’s big solo.
      Björn: Yes, it really is so different to anything else in our show and that was very good. Intermezzo had big success and it offers Benny the opportunity to show that he is a very good piano player.

      Agnetha: This song offers Björn the opportunity to use his ‘rock voice’ [she seems to smile a bit]:
      Rock Me.

      Björn: Of course here is our biggest hit and one also can say that everything internationally began with Waterloo and the victory at Brighton.
      Agnetha: We may not have believed that Waterloo was a song for Eurovision, a bit too much rock perhaps.
      Björn: Yes, but this probably was completely wrong. Waterloo became a worldwide hit.
      Agnetha: Yes, and I think we must sing Waterloo until we are 70.

      Björn: Ring, Ring became number 3 in the Swedish part of the Eurovision festival.
      Agnetha: That was 1973?
      Björn: Yes, but it became our first hit outside of Sweden.
      Agnetha: Yes, it was number 1 in Holland, Belgium and Austria, unfortunately no hit in Germany, But I will like to play it because it meant much for us. [Ring Ring (German)]

      Björn: SOS is our biggest hit after Waterloo. Anna sings the solo parts and it was top 10 in USA and UK, too.
      Agnetha: I believe it established us here in Germany completely. We also got a golden LP.
      Björn: Yes, and unfortunately it will be our last single for today. Thank you for listening.
      Agnetha: Goodbye...
      Both: ...from Björn and Anna of ABBA
    • 29-31/03/1976
      Sweden Sveriges Radio P3 | Idolmusik och idolens musik
      Interviews with host Per Eric Nordquist, each show was broadcast at 18.30-18.45
      29/03/1976 Frida
      30/03/1976 Agnetha
      31/03/1976 Agnetha & Frida
    • 10/1976 (aired 12/1976)
      usa_sm Tower Records interview Follow this link to listen
      Recorded in Los Angeles when ABBA visited the USA for three weeks on a promotional tour
    • 27-31/12/1976
      Sweden Sveriges Radio P3 | ABBA i kvadrat
      27/12/1976 A for Agnetha
      features a version of Monsieur, Monsieur Follow this link to listen
      28/12/1976 B för Benny
      features some instrumental snippets of Memory Lane (working title of Happy Hawaii) and My Love My Life Follow this link to listen
      29/12/1976 B för Björn Follow this link to listen
      30/12/1976 A för Anni-Frid Follow this link to listen
      31/12/1976 ABBA i kvadrat
      interview with all members Follow this link to listen
      Interviews with the ABBA members by host Ulf Elfving (each show about 55 minutes),
      recorded in early September
      (repeated March/April 1994 on P4)
    • 28/12/1976 at 12.45 (see also 1977)
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 1 | ABBA
      Follow this link to listen
      Interview with ABBA and host Tom Browne (75 minutes)
      “Tom Browne interviews Sweden’s top pop group, Abba, in a specially recorded programme featuring all their hit records.”
      Producer: Paul Williams – BBC
  • 1977


    • unknown date (115 minutes)
      Sweden Sveriges Radio | The ABBA story
    • 05/03/1977
      Australia unknown station
      Follow this link to listen
      Radio chat from the balcony of the Melbourne town hall
    • 27/12/1977 at 12.45 (see also 1976)
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 1 | ABBA
      (Revised repeat)
      Producer: Paul Williams
  • 1978


    • 24/03/1978 at 11.30
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 2 | ABBA Follow this link to listen
      “A Swedish success story presented by Richard Vaughan.”
      Producer: Derek Mills – BBC
    • 25/08/1978
      Sweden Sveriges Radio P3 | Barnradion: På gång
      interview with Frida by Jacob Dahlin

      revised repeat 25/07/1979
    • 04/10/1978
      Sweden Sveriges Radio | Agnetha & Staffan Follow this link to listen
      interview with Agnetha by her former classmate Staffan Lindeborg
    • Winter
      Luxembourg RTL Luxembourg | Moment mal! Follow this link to listen
      Agnetha & Frida sing Nu tändas tusen juleljus and also accompany the 13-year-old host Anke Engelke on Stille Nacht (Holy Night). Agnetha played the piano on both songs.
  • 1979


    • 07/05/1979 at 11.00
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 1 | ‘Voulez-Vous Special
      Interview with ABBA by Richard Skinner (complete running time just under an hour)
      According to the Polar press release on May 9 this one hour special special was recorded at the end of April.
      Producer: Paul Williams – BBC
      reportedly there also were BBC specials for Arrival, The Album, Super Trouper and The Visitors – any details known?
    • 17/06/1979 at 19.02
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 1 | Star Special
      The ABBA members introduce some of their favourite hits by other artists
      “Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida present a wide spectrum of music from Bach to Led Zeppelin.”
      Producer: Paul Williams – BBC
    • unknown date
      Australia RCA Australia | Promo LP for Australian radio stations
      Telephone interview with host Ray McGregor about the Voulez-Vous album

    • unknown date
      Luxembourg RTL radio
      Interview with Stig Anderson
    • 11/1979
      Luxembourg RTL radio
      Telephone interview with Björn backstage at Wembley Arena
    • InConversation12/11/1979 (length 14:26)
      United Kingdom Backstage Records | Benny Andersson – In Conversation
      Interview with Benny prior to the concert in Stafford on November 12, 1979
    • 25/12/1979 at 14.30-15.30 – see also 1980
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 2 | ABBA in Concert
      Producer: Steve Allen / Polar
      For more information see Releases | Radio specials
  • 1980


    • 05/05/1980 at 11.30 | 26/05/1980 at 12.02 | 25/08/1980 at 12.30
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 2 | This Is ABBA
      Part 1, n/a, transcription | Part 2 Follow this link to listen to part 2 | Part 3 Follow this link to listen to part 3
      Three Bank Holiday specials in which ABBA talk to Ray Moore about their careers, their private lives and music. Recorded at the Polar studio in Stockholm.
      Producers: Stuart Hobday, Steve Allen
    • True or false? ‘Agnetha is direct, outspoken, honest and hot-tempered. Anni-Frid is  refined, sultry and vulnerable – her anger is more subtle. Björn and  Benny seem to lack tempers altogether. Björn is a perfectionist, Benny the peacemaker when things get heated.’
      BBC Genome
    • 07/04/1980 at 12.30-13.30
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 2 | ABBA in Concert
      Producer: Steve Allen / Polar
      For more information see Releases & publications > Radio specials
    • unknown date
      United Kingdom BBC for Latin America | La historia de ABBA
      Interviews and songs. The English replies by ABBA are narrated in Spanish and translated by journalist and
      DJ Juan Peirano – 5 parts
    • part 1
      Ring Ring (span.?) / The Name Of The Game / He Is Your Brother / The King Has Lost His Crown / Mamma Mia (span.?) / Vart Ska Kärlek Forä /
      People Need Love
      part 2
      People Need Love / Hasta Manana (span.?) / Eagle / Sitting In The Palmtree / Chiquitita (span.?) / Money, Money, Money
      part 3
      Summer Night City / Does Your Mother Know (span.?) / Knowing Me, Knowing You (span.?) / She's My Kind Of Girl / I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do /
      Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
      part 4
      Gonna Sing You My Lovesong / Intermezzo No 1 / Honey Honey / The Girl With The Golden Hair / I Have A Dream (span.?) / Dancing Queen (span.?)
      part 5 (42:30) Follow this link to listen
      Waterloo / Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) / Al Andar / ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! / Fernando (span.) / Micket Kar (Frida) /
      Take A Chance On Me (Wembley 1979)
      part 6 (42:10)
      Waterloo (Wembley 1979) / SOS / One Man, One Woman / Arrival / Voulez Vous / Why Did It Have To Be Me / The Winner Takes It All / Super Trouper

    • unknown date (1980/1981)
      Sweden unknown show | Gulli-gulan
      Agnetha (1981?) Follow this link to listen and Frida (1980) Follow this link to listen sing the song Gulli-gulan (1963) by the Swedish musician Bengt Djupbäck (known as “Jokkmokks-Jokke”) in a radio show and listeners should guess who the singer was.
      Frida’s contribution was officially released on the Double-CD Frida 1967-1992.
  • 1981


    • early January 1981
      The Netherlands Dutch fan club interview
      interview with Björn about the album Super Trouper
    • 27/08/1981 at 18.00-19.00
      Sweden Sveriges Radio P3 | Solklart
      Kjell Dabrowski meets Frida
    • unknown date
      The Netherlands Radio Veronica | Veronica’s popjournaal
      Telephone interview with Björn about the album The Visitors
    • 11/12/1981 (27 minutes)
      Sweden Sveriges Radio | La Casilla de Badilla
      International program in Spanish
      ABBA is interviewed by Sergio Badilla
    • 16/12/1981
      Germany Radio WDR | Mal Sondock’s Hitparade
      Follow this link to listen
       full show – Follow this link to listen Greetings only (see “Jede Menge Grüße”)
      ABBA sing Nu är det jul igen, shortly introduce themselves and send Christmas greetings in German and English
    • unknown date
      United Kingdom BFBS
      interview with Björn about the album The Visitors
    • 25/12/1981 at 14.00-15.00
      United Kingdom BBC Radio 2 | Abba in Europe
      Producer: Steve Allen / Polar
      For more information see Releases & publications > Radio specials
  • 1982


    • unknown date
      Norway NRK P2
      Interview in Stockholm with Agnetha & Björn for a radio special – Part 1Follow this link to listen | Part 2 Follow this link to listen
    • unknown date
      ger_sm BR 3 | Pop nach Acht Spezial (two parts)
      features Interviews with ABBA & Bubi Heilemann, host Fritz Egner
    • autumn
      The Netherlands Radio Veronica | Veronica’s popjournaal Follow this link to listen
      Interview with Agnetha, Frida and Björn about The Singles
    • Atlantic1983unknown date
      usa_sm Atlantic Records | The ABBA Special Follow this link to listen
      Interview with host Bob Hamilton.
      Made for promotional purposes and published on a double LP in 1983.
      Total length: LP 1 A 25:12 / B 22:53, LP 2 A 19:57 / B 20:08
      (includes music, all with voice-overs)
    • ABBA have done a 90 minutes radio special with Bob Hamilton of Radio Report, New York. This special, consisting of interviews with all members plus Stig Anderson and lots of music., has been aired all over the U.S. and Canada. Atlantic Records have also pressed a special LP for this programme as 'give-away' to the listeners, and we have together with Bob Hamilton printed a little book called 'The ABBA Story' also to be given away to listeners. The reaction to this special has been very favourable. During the same period our TV-special, which was recorded in Sweden last year has been shown in the U.S. It has also been shown in several other countries around the world.
      Polar press release – June 14, 1982

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